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The product is precision cast by vanishing die process, the size is stable, the surface is bright and clean, the machining allowance is small and the whole weight is light.

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TextureDuctile iron
Matrix structureFerrite
TechnologyLost foam
ApplicationCylinder accessories, car accessories, train accessories, valve accessories, ship casting, excavator bucket teeth, rotating shaft support
Spheroidization rate: Above grade 3, including grade 3
Test methods: 1. Components analyzed by spectrometer; 2. Test before and after furnace; 3. Fine phase analyzer, check whether the spheroidization rate, pearlite and ferrite are qualified, and check whether there are carbides; 4. Hardness test by hardness machine; 5. Tension machine, measuring tensile strength, elongation, mechanical properties, etc.


our company mainly engaged in machinery parts, Hardware products, Aluminum die-casting. zinc die-casting and other metal parts, Stamping parts, Forging parts, Auto parts, Train parts, Valve parts. We have our own factory Ningbo tianxiang precision casting Co., LTD. We have15 years of casting experience. It’s the second to none of lost foam casting foundry in Ease of China. Our company in the region and industry has won widespread trust and praise. The factory is dedicated in manufacturing small and medium size of lost foam iro casting.




The function of the bearing sleeve:

(1) The bearing sleeve is widely used for light load and easy to disassemble. When the assembly and disassembly of the bearing is difficult, the internal bearing assembly of the box is restricted by the conditions. The bearing sleeve is used to solve the assembly and disassembly problem

(2) The adjustment of the bearing sleeve is tight and loose to allow the box body The relaxation of machining accuracy improves the processing efficiency of the box body (3) Install bearing sleeves to overcome axial displacement of bearings. Bearing sleeves are widely used. The accuracy of bearing sleeves directly affects the radial runout of the shaft.

bearing sleeve Application areas:

Automobile: rear wheel, transmission, electrical device parts

Electricity: general motors, household appliances

Others: meters, internal combustion engines, construction machinery, railway vehicles, handling machinery, agricultural machinery, various industrial machinery



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